As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, frontline health care workers are at risk over lack of protective gear. Right after the “Fight for Wuhan” donation initiative, Peking University Alumni Association of Houston (PKUAAH) has partnered with Peking University Education Foundation (USA), kicking off “United We Stand” donation campaign supporting the frontline healthcare staff combating COVID-19. Since our public donation announcement on March 16th, the demand for medical supplies has been climbing steadily. Up till now, 51 health facilities are on our donation list, spanning 11 states and 31 cities in the U.S. Our teams have been in constant communication with these organizations, collecting demand, completing documentations, and transporting supplies.

Geographics of Organizations Seeking Donation

Nevertheless, initial statistics revealed that the shortage of PPE is dire. Therefore, we encourage all organizations and individuals with donation intent to email us at hpkucharity@gmail.com, to obtain the contact information of organizations seeking assistance, and join forces in the battle. We keenly welcome the participation of everyone, not limited to the PKU alumni and family.

Total Supplies Requested


To apply for PPE donation, please let us know the following information about your hospital or clinic:

1) Name, address, contact person, and telephone number and/or Wechat ID, type of medical services (general or subject), simple introduction;

2) Quantity of supplies you may need (fill in the table below), such as N95 surgical mask, Surgical mask, Goggle, protective suit/coverall, etc.;

3) Willingness to provide medical services in an emergent situation;

4) Willingness to sign a waiver of liability and indemnification provisions;

5) Willingness to provide your contact information to other agencies for donation.

Please kindly email the above information at your earliest convenience to hpkucharity@gmail.com. A donation agreement needs to be signed with the Houston Beida Alumni Association (Peking University Alumni Association Houston) prior to donation pickup.


Peking University Education Foundation (USA) has launched a new fundraising project of COVID-19 Relief Aid. Donations will be used to purchase medical protective materials to support hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions in the United States. To donate, please follow the instructions below:

Please specify that you designate your donation for “COVID-19 Relief Aid”.

PKUAAH has received a $100,000 relief fund from PKU Education Foundation (USA), that will be assigned to our procurement team, who has been diligently identifying up-to-standard medical supply resources globally from certified manufacturers.

Supply Donation

In addition, we accept supply donations including the following medical PPEs:

N95 masks that meet FDA/CDC standards

N95 masks that meet NIOSH standards

Surgical masks (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3)

Coverall (Type 3, 4, 5, 6)

If interested in donating medical supplies to the frontline responders, please feel free to email us at pkuaah.donation@gmail.com for more details

First Batch of Donation

As of March 25th, altogether 12 health care facilities in the greater Houston area have received our first batch of supplies.

Summary of First Batch PPE Donation

Houston Methodist Hospital 

Accepted PPE Donation

Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital 

Accepted PPE Donation

Greater Houston Psychiatric Associates 

Accepted PPE Donation

Beeler-Manske Clinic Accepted PPE Donation

Center for Women’s Health 

Accepted PPE Donation

Colony Internal Medicine Associates

Accepted PPE Donation

Dr. Mei Zhang Family Medicine 

Accepted PPE Donation

Hillcroft Medical Clinic Accepted PPE Donation

Welcome Family Medicine 

Accepted PPE Donation

Sound Medical Clinic Accepted PPE Donation

Emergi Care Accepted PPE Donation

HCA Healthcare Clear Lake

Accepted PPE Donation


United We Stand!Founding Organizations

Peking University Alumni Association of Houston

Peking University Education Foundation (USA)

United We Stand!Organizing Committee


Fundraising  (PKUEF (USA)):赵琳 、赖萌 、 Jessica Tang 、 李怀玺、海梦媛、廖肖文、陶娟


Legal Consulting :黄河、嫣妮*、王珺*

Medical Consulting:黄健怡、范敏、葛赛、黎健、李丽、刘文设、刘逸佺、卢春华、吕慧芳 、 马烈*、Abby Ping、吴萍、Jenny Yang、赵琳、 赵珣 、 赵玉婷

Procurement:吴宝健、妥福军、 潘起胜 、 杨睿、 蔡明博、 陈硕、 傅强(Shanghai Ruijin Hospital)、 何景旭(诺成商务)、 何巧莎(THUHTAA)、黄河、 马捷*、 米燕鹏、 彭聪、 王燕(嘉格国际物流) 、 韦小花、 严振鑫、袁芳(武汉中南医院)

Demand Collection:潘起胜 、 吴宝健、 黄河、 黄友琴(Albany)、曹新宇(北美清华教授协会)、 彭聪、 余歌 (PKUAAGNY) 、李刚(北大西雅图), 陈爽(U Iowa)、曹火君(U Iowa), 曾健君、卢春华、吕慧芳、吴萍、黄岩(北医密西根校友会)、周江(PKUAANE)、Linda、张丽欣、陆春华、赵珣、Amy、郭向东(哥大)、黄俊东(Santa Clara)、李玲(纽约)、周淳婻(*芝加哥)、Lili Wang (Duke University)、Shixia Huang(Baylor)、刘洋(休斯敦儿童医院)、汪浩(北大纽约校友会)

Social Media:杨睿、 陈硕、 迟璐、 江兰(Houston Hubei Association)、 蓝钦城、 雷瑞雪、李叶蓓* 、 刘栋、 宋扬、 王娜、 王天尧 、 吴薇、 熊尧、 严振鑫 、赵鸣堃

* PKU Alumni or Family

✧ Unless otherwise noted, all members are affiliated with PKUAAH




Houston Beida Alumni Association (BAA) is a non-profit, non-political organization established at Houston, Texas in 1997. BAA is the association for the Alumni at Houston graduated from either Peking University (PKU) or former Beijing Medical University (BMU). The goal of the association is to continue the honored tradition of “Science and Democracy” originated at Peking University; by way of a variety of activities, to foster connection, trust and cooperation among alumni and connection with other alumni organizations; to assist in connection between Beida alumni in the U.S. and the alma mater; to promote exchange of information on culture, academic research, science and technology, and economy, in order to contribute to the prosperity of China.